Tips For Long Trucker Trips

Working long hard hours can get you down.  The stress of taking time away from your family, sleeping in hotel rooms and eating fast food as a diet will quickly drain your energy.  For those working grain hauling jobs it can be extremely stressful.  Here are some tips that you can use to make your time go by faster and become more enjoyable.

Meet up with other truckers

As you travel the country you will eventually meet up with the same truckers and drivers.  When you do this start making friends and building relationships.  As you talk about your lives consider starting a game that you can do to pass the time.  One idea would be a scavenger hunt.  Each week or month pick one member to plant an item along their route.  Everyone else will travel along the route looking for clues.  Whoever finds this item wins.

Take photos

As you travel start taking photos of the country.  You can get some great pics of bridges, water, mountains and more.  As you take these photos keep notes of what you saw, when and where.  Then when you acquire a bunch of these photos why not put them into a book or a calendar.  You can easily sell them while you are on the road to make some extra money.

Pretend you are a secret agent

grain hauling jobs

As you travel the road it may be fun to come up with different identities for yourself.  You can pretend to be a secret agent transporting mysterious cargo across the country.  You can pretend that you are running cross country to live your dream of being a singer or artist.  No matter what your dream, using your imagination and creativity will make your drive to your destination more fun.