pond aerators and fountains

  • Tips For Creating A Cool Pond

    There are many ways to spice up your yard and create a visual oasis.  The one way that many people will typically overlook is to add a pond to their yard.  With a pond you will have a beautiful water element that can be home to a variety of different forms of wildlife.  Making sure that you install pond aerators and fountains in your pond will also ensure that the water is well oxygenated and safe for animal life.

    The first step in creating a pond is determining its location.  For some people this will be in the back of the property away from the house.  It should be in a visible spot from the home and in a shaded area.  Once you have determined the location for your pond you will want to consider the size and shape next.

    When designing your pond, you want to have one large enough to enjoy but not too large that it turns into a pool.  The idea behind a pond is to have a visual element to your yard.  A typical pond should be about five to seven feet in diameter and about three to four feet deep.  Some people will want to have a pond that is shallower, but you want to take into consideration the construction materials.

    The first step in creating your pond is to dig a hole.  You want to dig the hole deep enough that when you add the liner it won't break.  The rubber liner will help contain the water.  Once the liner is installed you want to fill the bottom with stones and rocks to create a base. 

    pond aerators and fountains

    From this point you want to build up your pond base.  Fill it with water and then start adding plants and other design elements.  Once your pond is built add your fountains and wildlife.  Some people will use coy or other local fish. 

    The purpose of your pond is to have a place to relax and enjoy nature.  Take your time and have fun with your outdoor creation.