packaging and design solutions

  • Tips For Bringing Your Product To Market

    Having your very own product is a dream come true for many business owners.  Having created a unique product that solves a specific problem, fills an untapped niche and is desired by everyone is what makes many people excited to go to work.  When bringing your product to market you want to focus on packaging and design solutions that will help display your product, give users a simple design and is attractive among all the other products on the market.

    packaging and design solutions


    Size matters when talking about a product.  The larger the product the more space it will take up on the shelves.  Many store owners may cringe at the prospect of stocking your product on their shelves.  If the product is too big then it is going to take up space that other products could be using.  If they are going to accommodate you then your product needs to be flying off the shelves.


    The space your product takes up is critical in retail.  If your product takes up too much space the price needs to be right to justify it.  Also, when you have a larger product your cost for production increases as well.

    Eye Catching

    Your product needs to be eye catching.  This means that colors need to pop off the shelves.  Images and logs need to be simple and recognizable.  Finally, the message for your product needs to be clear and understood.

    Designing your product

    When designing the packaging for your product all of these factors and more need to be considered.  Also, you need to test your product design on customers in the market.  What you might think is a good design for your customer may not be.  All of the factors mentioned above need to be considered.  If you get any one of them wrong, you will need to reconsider that option for a more convertible one.